MIXING: Pour the correct amount of Barrachlor 720 into the partly filled tank and while agitating add the remainder of the water. Amistar Top Fungicide. Research has shown a 5.7-bushel-per-acre average yield increase in corn when MasterLock was used in the spray tank along with a fungicide, compared to using a fungicide alone. . Daconil ULTREX is a contact fungicide that exhibits a multi-site mode of action which can delay or prevent resistance to single-site fungicides It contains a built-in surfactant to provide superior sticking power for extended coverage and unsurpassed protection on the crown and sheath of grass blades, even after heavy rains or watering. MASTERCOP contains a Group M1 fungicide. DO NOT apply within 7 days of harvest. Sub-groups (A1, A2, etc.) A suspension concentrate containing 62.5 g/L (5.53 % w/w) fluopicolide + 625 g/L (55.3%w/w) propamocarb hydrochloride. As the target site of the strobilurin fungicides (FRAC Code 11), the Qo site has been well exploited for fungicidal use. Absolute ® Maxx Absolute Maxx fungicide effectively and efficiently controls major fungal diseases and promotes all-around plant health to maximize yield potential in corn and cereals. Fungal isolates/bacte - rial strains with acquired resistance to Group M1 may eventually dominate the fungal/bacterial population if Group M1 fungicides/bactericides are used repeatedly in the same field or in successive years as … 4.4 out of 5 stars 668 Chlorothalonil 82.5 Select, 5# Chlorothalonil (Compare to Daconil Ultrex) 5.0 out of 5 … A unique systemic and protectant fungicide formulation to control blight diseases in potatoes and downy mildew in onions & lettuce. Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner Ready-to-Spray Concentrate Model# 5324-6A $ 19 80 $ 19 80. Score Fungicide Syngenta. SCORE 250EC Product Label (198.05 KB) SCORE Tank Mix List (87.49 KB) SCORE Safety Data Sheet (310.82 KB) Noutăți. EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning reviews and rates more than 2,000 popular household cleaning products with grades A through F, based on the safety of their ingredients and the information they disclose about their contents.. Controls black spot and other fungal diseases of celery, grapes, pome and stone fruits and roses. The effect of SCORE could be diminished if rains falls within 2 hours of application. DTC mancozeb in Acrobat MZ WG fungicide. Ground Application: Use at least 100 L water/ha. Agitate while mixing and spraying. No phyto-toxicity has been reported, when Score is uses at recommended dose on target crops, 50 millilitre, 100 millilitre, 250 millilitre, 500 millilitre and 1 litre, Score stops the development of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes, thus inhibiting the growth of fungus at every point of growth in the plant system, Score is amongst the world's best selling Triazole, owing to its precise effectiveness and wide target range, It has a unique property of resting and acting inside the plant system, thus effectively killing the fungus present on every layer of the plant system. This group of biofungicide contains the majority of commercial B. cinera control products. within a Mode of Action Group refer to specific biochemical target sites of action. Compare this Product. Chlorothalonil is first and foremost a broad spectrum fungicide, used to control fungi that prey on trees, vegetables, turf, small frutis, ornamentals, and other crops. Fungicide Infinito is a protectant/systemic fungicide used to control late blight in potatoes. Continue agitation during spraying and after a stoppage before recommencing spraying. REI 12h, Group 7. Add the required amoun of SCORE directly to the spray tank and mix well. The fungicide risk score ([email protected]) expresses the intrinsic risk of resistance evolution to a given fungicide group, which was estimated by FRAC (Brent and Hollomon, 2007a, 2007b). Add to Cart. Sipcam C50 contains cymoxanil. For control of early blight and late blight in celery seedbeds, use 2.0-2.8 litres BRAVO 500 Agricultural Fungicide per 1000 litres of water and apply 1,400 litres per hectare twice weekly or as needed to maintain control. Shinkon contains amisulbrom. Across all corn products, spraying fungicide resulted in an average of 12-13 bu/acre advantage vs. … The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the fungus population if these fungicides are used repeatedly. This package contains PRISTINE WG fungicide, a water dispersable granule (WG). Triticonazole -10.5% DIRECTIONS: Pre Application: Elevate the container so that the top of can is above plant canopy For use in Closed commercial greenhouses only Diseases including cylindrocladium, powdery mildew, botrytis, rhizoctonia and fusarium Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide is the first fungicide of BASF to deliver active ingredients by using total release (TR) technology. Mode of action: SCORE is a broad-spectrum systemic triazole fungicide that provides long-lasting preventive and strong curative action. Otherwise, apply the product immediately when you first notice signs of fungal disease. in cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet and grasses. Nufarm Tri-Base Blue Flowable Copper Fungicide contains 190g/L copper present as tribasic copper sulphate for the control of various diseases of certain fruits, nuts,… Show more. Forum (dimethomorph): A fungicide for use against Phytophthora and downy mildew of bulb, cucurbit and fruiting vegetables, lettuce, potatoes, and tomatoes. Resistance to this fungicide could develop from repeated use. This product is a combined fungicide with systemic and contact effect used worldwide for the pre-harvest protection of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onion, grapes and other plants. Show more. As nutrient-holding capacity decreases, the ability for a high-RTN hybrid to be successful also decreases. Ziragranz. Contains propiconazole. Score Score provides a high level of activity against a wide range of plant pathogenic Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes including species of Alternaria, Septoria, Cercosporidium, Venturia, Powdery Mildews and several seed borne plant pathogenic fungi. Demethylation-inhibitor fungicides (DMIs) are currently registered chemical agents for the management of the anthracnose disease caused by Colletotrichum spp. Water volume. Score provides a high level of activity against a wide range of plant pathogenic Ascomycetes, B.. Fungicides are types of pesticides that control fungal diseases by inhibiting or killing the fungus causing the disease. [CDATA[// >