It is B,X,A,A confirmed. North Corel’s Huge Materia¶ Talk to the townsfolk and most of them will say the same thing; Shinra is messing around near the old reactor, and they seem to be planning on transporting the Huge Materia with a train. Easy Chocobo races-----Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo to Huge Support Materia: How to Obtain: First make sure you have all three other huge materia before riding Cid's rocket into space. Materia is the lifeblood of Final Fantasy VII ’s combat, and Huge Materia can actually offer some excellent Materia-related rewards– but it’s going to take a lot of grinding and a lot of AP. Return to Rocket Town and speak with the old man by the Item Shop. What is the code, or … FF7 Huge Materia Code. ... After Space Travel & Huge Materia Quest. It is only visible to you. These items include the Neo Bahamut Materia in the Crater, the Huge Materias in North Corel, Fort Condor, the Bottom of the Sea, and the Shinra No. Cant be completely random cause BXAA worked for me too. 26 rocket while in space by inputting a code. However, if you aren't able to get the code correct before the time limit ends, you'll lose the Huge Materia for good. Use: With the Bahamut and Neo Bahamut materia… If the party succeeds, Barret is hailed a hero, and the player is given the Ultima Materia. ok, switch cancel cancel . Equip a mastered Comet materia linked to a mastered MP Turbo materia and a 2nd mastered Comet materia to a mastered Quadra Magic materia. This Materia can only be obtained if you obtained all four pieces of Huge Materia. By Jesse_Z. A small tiny guide for the correct buttons when using a Playstation controller or ThunderPeel2001's 360 Controller mod. The code to get the Huge Materia in Rocket Town in Disc 2 is: Circle, Square, Cross, Cross. When obtaining the Huge Materia from the rocket in the late portion of the game, the code is B, X, A, A. Fourth Bracelet(weapon shop) 4. Hi I missed the huge materia on the rocket because I couldnt get the code. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Arrgghh FFVII iOS huge materia @ rocket town code changed. When you finally arrive at Rocket Town you'll proceed forward towards the rocket yard were you will have to fight some Shinra troops and Rude from The Turks. and for pc it's . The code for the materia on the rocket is Circle, Square, X, X. and it works with defult settings if you changed the scheme then you have to find out which one does which..... 1. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Power Source 3. I'm on the rocket headed for meteor and I need to get the huge materia that Shinra has locked up in the rocket and Cid is no help to get the thing open. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Keep speaking to him until he gives you Cid's Ultimate Weapon, Venus Gospel - that's really all you have to do. Forgotten City & Diamond Weapon Taking the Key to the Ancients into the Forgotten City and the battle against Diamond Weapon near Midgar. Rocket Town Treasures (Disc 2) - FF7 Walkthrough. Rocket Town / Cosmo Canyon Returning to Rocket Town to recover the fourth and final piece of Huge Materia and then returning them all to Cosmo Canyon. 26 Rocket, the Bahamut ZERO Materia in Cosmo Canyon after collecting all four Huge Materias, and the W-Item Materia from the very end of the south end of the Sector 8 Tunnel near the end of Part 2. Yoshiyuki(from the old man) 2. Drill Arm Second visit: 1. Race back to the Highwind and head for Rocket Town. Download Chapter 1 and play for free! Once the player comes into contact with the fourth Huge Materia on the Rocket, they end up in space. 1 . All rights reserved. In order to get the Master Materia, you must have the Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red Huge Materia. 4 comments. You shouldn't need the hints with this. 2: Also, make sure that you already have accomplished these three additional sidequests: Lucrecia’s Crystal Cave, The Sunken Gelnika, and The Da-Chao Five Cavern Sigh. This time it's completely different and I can't figure it out at all. Rocket Town Huge Materia : We conclude this mission running Shinra and Rude out of town. User Info: xReaperXIII. Code for Rocket's Huge Materia. If you fail to guess the code in time, the Huge Materia will be lost. It is B,X,A,A confirmed. There’s still an orphaned piece of Huge Materia that wants to join its friends. Cid is all in on this; he hasn't told Cloud and the team that there's a fourth Huge Materia on board that can do some major damage to Meteor. The code to get the Huge Materia from Cid's rocket is Circle, Square X, X. Venus Gospel(talk to the old man three times after the rocket has taken off) 3. Please see the. What is the code for the huge materia on the rocket please I want to get bahamut Zero A.S.A.P.! Head for the Junon Airport as per the transmission you intercepted in the Shinra Sub and you'll discover the Huge Materia is being moved. The code to unlock with the xbox controller is . First visit: 1. © Valve Corporation. A, LB, B, B . Huge Materia Rocket Code Passcode for the Huge Materia in the Rocket is (for those of you wondering): Circle, Square, X, X. FF7 Huge Materia Code Once the player comes into contact with the fourth Huge Materia on the Rocket, they end up in space. North Corel - Huge Materia Fort Condor - Huge Materia Mideel - Inside Cloud's Mind: Junon - Huge Materia Rocket Town - Huge Materia The World - After the Rocket's Failure Lucrecia's Cave - Vincent's Past Cosmo Canyon - Remembering Aeris City of the Ancients - Aeris's Prayer Midgar - Shinra's Collapse The Highwind - What We're Fighting For Guard Source(item shop) Press O to open the northern door, then go into the main room, where Cid will talk to the workers. Huge Materia from Cid's Rocket From: hax0r123. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Note: If you do not get the code, restart and retry from a saved game. The correct code is Circle, Square, X, X. Examine the Huge Materia in the next room and choose the top option. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with FINAL FANTASY VII. Subs... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You can pursue the Huge Materia … 26 Rocket or win the battle at Fort Condor you will not be able to obtain the Bahamut ZERO Materia . by cody Aaron . From the cockpit of the rocket go right up the stairs if you want to get the Huge Materia you defo need to get it because if you have all 4 and Bahamut and Neo Bahamut you will get Bahamut ZERO summon materia from it later on. If you're talking about the huge materia on the rocket, it's completely random per loading of the game. Anyone pass this part? At most, I think you get 6 hints. This thread is archived. After the rocket lifts off, go to the right into the next room and climb up the ladder. … Rocket - Huge Materia Room. Final Fantasy VII Huge Materia Rocket Code. Final Heaven Piano puzzle solution You can return to the underwater world in the Shinra Sub to pick up that piece of Materia if you missed it but if you missed the Huge Materia in North Corel, or if you did not correctly guess the code on the Shinra No. The first two Huge Materia missions are available concurrently when Cidbecomes party leader, and the player can choose the order to do them. Turtle Paradise Flyers All in all there are 6 paradise flyers. The party can create Master Materia from their Huge Materia by mastering (almost) all the Materia included in a … missed the Huge Materia in Cid's rocket, but you got the Huge Materia in the submarine, the submarine Huge Materia will be the Blue Huge Materia, and you won't receive the Red Huge Materia at all. If not can I still beat the game witho.., Final Fantasy VII Questions and answers, PlayStation While in space, the player must input a passcode for the Huge Materia in order to obtain it. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Go inside the rocket ship--you'll have to fight another battle, but it's easily won. The code is everytime Explore the world of the fifteenth FINAL FANTASY in the palm of your hand. Then equip a W-Magic materia. 4.5.29 - Final Fantasy VII: What's the code to release the Huge Materia from Cid's Rocket? The final Huge Materia must be saved from the Shinra No. If you look at the train tracks running through North Corel, you will see that this is clearly not going to be good for the town. dussome. You shouldn't need the hints with this. Cid will clue you in as to what the code is should you mess up initially. So it was Circle Square X X I'm FFVII for PlayStation. Take the Sub to the north-western most accesable area with it. square xxto collect the key item huge materia. Then dive, and take the cave to the right and follow it to receive the Key to the Ancients. Award. Huge Materia(from the rocket) 2. On the PC, it's OK, Switch, Cancel, Cancel (Enter, Delete, Insert, Insert with default controls). collect the four huge materia store them in the obsertory then . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. While in space, the player must input a passcode for the Huge Materia in order to obtain it. Answers. Put Cid in your party and return to Rocket Town, making your way to the rocket itself, which Shinra seems to finally have a renewed interest in. After take-off, insert Circle-Square-X-X (or Okay-Switch-Cancel-Cancel for PC users) into the locked safe. out of the rocket press these buttons at the safe press circle . Favorited. !, Final Fantasy VII Questions and answers, PlayStation Its outside, on the world map. After getting them, return to Cosmo Canyon. The Emerald Weapon's item gives a Master Magic, Command, and Summon Materia; the Ruby Weapon gives a free Gold Chocobo, without any breeding necessary. share. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He'll say things like "You only have to press A once", or "The third one isnt Y". Is there any way to get it back. The code for the huge materia on the rocket. This one is in Midgar, near Aeris' house is a collection of caravans. save hide report. 78% Upvoted. Rocket Code for Huge Materia on Switch spoiler I'm playing the Switch version and I've just gotten to the rocket, and the code caught me off guard since I didn't know which buttons to press, so I thought I'd share here for others who may have the same problem, but it's B, X, A, A If the player catches up with the train, but does not stop it, they do not get the Huge Materia and must pay 50,000 gil for the Ul… Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Português - Brasil (Portuguese - Brazil). Pay attention to Cid. look closely at theblue huge materia to get the blue huge materia . xReaperXIII - 11 months ago 0 1. Here're the locations: Flyer No 1. 1: Before going back to Rocket Town, make sure that you already acquired the Key to the Ancients and the Huge Materia from the Red Submarine. Favorite. The correct code is Circle, Square, X, X. A Huge Materia is found in North Corel and must be taken from a runaway coal train. Help! Back onboard the Highwind, take Cid to Operations to make a new party and take off to begin your quest for the first two Huge Materia.

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