Until we learn more about a potential second season, the full 16-episode first series of Itaewon Class is available to stream now on Netflix. I really enjoyed Itaewon Class! Like he can’t exit the show just like *that*, right? Korean Drama Flower of Evil Review: Absolute Must-Watch! Unfortunately for Itaewon Class fans, the ending of season 1 doesn’t bode all that well for a second season at each story and relationship thread is tied up pretty neatly. Hide Spoilers. Spoiler Drakor Itaewon Class Episode Final yang Tayang 20-21 Maret. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate … I don’t know why, but I don’t really like how Park Saeroyi responded to President Jang as I thought that his behaviour in that important scene kind of runs contrary to how honourable he was portrayed so far. Itaewon Class deserves a lot of credit for the way it’s currently telling its story. Starting off this list is none other than True Beauty’s bad-boy-but-is-actually-so-cute, Han Seo Jun. Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Itaewon Class: Episode 1. Warning: This contains spoilers from episodes 1-14 of Itaewon Class. Fans have been wondering whether the end of the drama will be the same as the original story in the … Here are 8 characters in their original webtoons forms. Adapted from a webtoon, Itaewon Class is slightly different from the usual Korean dramas in the sense… Meanwhile, Park Saeroyi calmly declined his request and told him that he would continue acquiring his company as it is just business as usual for him. After leaving prison, his only goal in life was to destroy Jangga's company. Now, you know the drill! A Perfect Conclusion. ” my2dheart. I loved hyun-yi and toni’s storyline. They open a food-related business. Itaewon, where their values are similar. 1. Also, I initially thought that the thug leader that Park Saeroyi met and knew during his jail term would end up appearing in the story as a character to help Park Saeroyi, not to kill him. [Spoilers] Thu Mar 19, 2020 at 9:43am ET ... Itaewon Class Corporation will overtake Jangga Group, becoming the number one food company in Korea. The hype surrounding the upcoming drama "Itaewon Class" is growing day by day with the release of pictures and posters. Shorthand Character Chart: coming up. It is set in an irrational world where the “hip” revolt of young people -who are united in stubbornness and courage- starts. Press Esc to cancel. Also, in the midst of escaping, Park Saeroyi and Yi Seo stood in the road declaring their love for each other, when Jang Geun Won was just behind them trying to hunt them. Good review! This is the final on-air discussion of Itaewon Class. Writer's note: This review contains spoilers Asian dramas have always captivated a worldwide audience. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Their story lives on this street. [Spoilers] Thu Mar 19, 2020 at 9:43am ET By War Omega. Park Seo Joon hilarious reaction “Itaewon Class” coming to an end will make you laugh. Targeting our hero’s people, Jang Ga looks to poach people left and right, but it proves difficult to intervene when these people are not motivated by money. Adapted from a webtoon, Itaewon Class is slightly different from the usual Korean dramas in the sense that it is not romance or crime-driven but is more of a coming-of-age story about a guy who pursued his dreams and stands tall in spite of all odds against him. To me there were a bit too many scenes of both of them throwing punches at each other which got boring after a while. And i regret it how the f. saeroyi ended up with yi seo im so sad ☹️we’ll see tho. Itaewon Class arrived on Netflix on January 31st and over the course of the past eight weeks, two episodes of the fascinating K-drama have arrived weekly. Korean dramas, more often than Western series, have a tendency to wrap things up in a pretty good way. Article: Finale ‘Itaewon Class’ Park Seo Joon, kiss with Dami ‘happy filled happy ending ’ Source: X Sports News via Nate. 15 years ago. Tim Jo Yi Seo maupun Tim Oh Su Ah sudah tidak perlu berdebat lagi,karena jelas,yang akhirnya jadian sama Park Saeroyi adalah Ma Hyun-yi. ( Log Out /  But at least he was happy. The last episode hit peak with how boring it was… 2. Asian Dramas, Travel and Food. What is E750 in Camp Cretaceous? In general, I really like Itaewon Class, everything from the visuals, music, characters, plot, etc. “Itaewon Class”, in the end, wasn’t really my cup of tea because I felt that some character arcs and growth were ignored, the writing of the latter half of the series was really weak, and because I felt that the romance element overshadowed other interesting plot points. Read my experience of watching a … by Netizen March 21, 2020, 11:44 pm 1.5k Views. It made Jang Geun Won appear like a very brainless character, and wasted the whole character arc for him as it previously appeared like he does have some hope for redemption. A lot of interesting things happened in “Itaewon Class” 15 th episode and I am here to recap it.. From here on out, there … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Itaewon Class wraps up this weekend, and in true K-drama fashion, last week’s episode was a total cliffhanger—kainis, lol. The series has followed the story of Park Sae-ro-yi and his journey from losing his father, spending time behind bars and finally becoming the owner of one of the fast-growing restaurants in Itaewon. My character analysis for Itaewon Class *spoilers* Discussion. Kim Da Mi will be taking Park Seo Joon and his crew by storm on the next episode of JTBC’s “Itaewon Class”!. The girl has a crush on Sae-Ro … As Sae-ro-yi fights to survive, he encounters a reflection on his life guided by the person he’d most yearned for. But Yi-Seo ends the talk, and gives Psychological Counselor some freebies. He opened a restaurant in Itaewon named "Danbam". Loyalty and respect can’t be bought out, … Continue reading "Itaewon Class: Episode 9" Meanwhile, Geun-won continues to wreak havoc on his family and his own possibility at redemption. After chasing Itaewon Class for 14 episodes, the final 2 episodes had me eagerly anticipating how the writers would wrap it up, but it unfortunately falls flat and I actually spaced out while watching the last 2 episodes. Yi Seo and Park Saeroyi ended up happily together. The last episode hit peak with how boring it was… 2. Naturally, as the series has progressed, this has become a hot topic of debate among fans and in the season finale, viewers finally got to see just who ended up with who. But first I want to talk about the thing I loved about it: I loved how it tackled subjcts that are usually not touched on in kdramas. Please tell us. Itaewon Class T-shirt: T-shirt 1. “Itaewon Class” episode 15 is trending everywhere as fans express their shock after seeing the emotional episode. Warning: Spoilers. Dae-hee takes an interest in Saeroyi's people. “Itaewon Class” is their foundation legend. Park Saeroyi is alive, right? Hey Everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Kim DaMi as Jo YiSeo. In short everyone received their happy endings in the finale. I’ve already reviewed the … From Soo-A beginning as an ice queen and warming to a woman that hops between … I have only watched a few kdramas and will be adding more to my list. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. The first meeting between Park Seo-joon playing Park Saeroyi and Kim Da … The teacher punishes Sae-Ro-Yi for skipping the after-school study hours, and Sae-Ro-Yi pours water on his head as a resistance. Agreed on all counts . Yet another K-drama we’re obsessed with is coming to an end. One of the key aspects in Itaewon Class are the relationships that exist and develop between each of the main characters. If you haven’t watched these, you might want to exit now! I’m sad to say I didn’t like it. Fans have been wondering whether the end of the drama will be the same as the original story in the webtoon. This is the final on-air discussion of Itaewon Class. In a bid to get revenge on Park Saeroyi, Jang Geun Won kidnapped Yi Seo, wanting to kill her to hurt Park Saeroyi, and also intended to kill him when he appeared to save her. [+1,516, -107] The drama started out so fun and then ended with something that made me question if it was the same drama at all. According to an exclusive report on March 11th, the script for the final episode of JTBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Itaewon Class' was released over the weekend. Itaewon Class (Finale) ~ Netizen Buzz. Review of Itaewon Class. Itaewon Class (Finale) ~ Netizen Buzz. Itaewon Class” Webtoon Writer has spoken up about the end of the drama via his social media account. The drama hit a peak in episode 14 where there were many things going on: Park Saeroyi’s biggest enemy President Jang is dying and Park Saeroyi finally discovers his love for Yi Seo only to fall prey to thugs who hit him with a car. [Spoilers!!!] spoiler . Disastrous ending ruined the whole show.. noosrattasneem 1 April 2020. And finally, the supporting characters Ma Hyeon-yi and Choi Seung-kwon end the season by going on a cinema date with tickets provided by Kim Toni after he and his girlfriend broke up. Oleh: Dipna Videlia Putsanra - 15 Maret 2020. [+1,516, -107] The drama started out so fun and then ended with something that made me question if it was the same drama at all. Drama yang tayang di Netflix dan JTBC ini memang membuat banyak orang penasaran, terlebih drama ini diangkat dari webtoon terkenal.. Hal yang menjadi penasaran adalah, akhir cerita drama ini akan sama dengan webtoon atau tidak.. Baca … Before Sae-ro-yi and Yi-seo get together, however, Yi-seo has to reject the advances of Jang Geun-soo and it’s clear that he’s left hugely upset by it. This scene of Park Sae-ro-yi after he meets with an accident as if awaiting death mirrors the scene in which Sae-ro-yi's father had met within an accident in the initial episodes. Netflix may be best known for its big-budget American-made TV series such as Stranger Things and The Witcher but thanks to its ever-growing international audience, we’re starting to see more and more diversity among Netflix’s content offerings. Find episode on: AD . The bar's move to a quieter street poses fresh problems for the crew. Warning: Spoilers. Setelah tahu Yi Seo diculik oleh Geun Won, Park Saeroyi berusaha untuk menyelamatkannya. Spoilers for 'Itaewon Class' Episode 14 'Itaewon Class' Episode 14 ends with a scene that is almost a replica of the webtoon. To me I feel that there was no need to introduce the thug during Park Saeroyi’s jailterm, if in the end he is just going to behave like a typical criminal who kills people for money when they eventually meet again. While the ending of “Itaewon Class” was met with mostly positive feedback from international kdrama fans, Korean netizens weren’t very happy with the ending and called it ‘lacking,’ ‘boring,’ ‘dragging’ and more.

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